Bonding/Composite Filling:

Composite fillings are the most widely used today. Composite fillings are tooth colored and can be closely matched to the color of existing teeth. This makes them more suitable for use in front teeth or other visible areas of the teeth. Bonding is a free-hand application of tooth colored resin to teeth in order to eliminate unsightly gaps between teeth, change the shape of the tooth, and to remove stains and spots to make your smile whiter and brighter.


Bleaching is a popular and very effective way to whiten teeth. Our staff will evaluate the level of whitening you need and advice you on which treatment would yield the best results. Several methods of whitening are available including in office and take home treatments.


We offer minor orthodontic treatment. We can improve the alignment of your teeth and your bite using clear, removable trays. This will help you maintain the health and attractiveness of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers cover the front surface of the tooth and are aesthetically pleasing. They are custom made using impressions and thin pieces of porcelain. We will assist you in choosing the most natural looking color to match your other teeth. The veneer is then bonded to the tooth for durable, permanent placement. This procedure takes two visits to the office.


Porcelain Inlay:

A porcelain inlay is a custom made filling made of tooth-colored porcelain. Inlays can be used as a conservative approach to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma or that have large defective fillings.

Porcelain Crown:

Porcelain crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth. Crowns are typically used when the tooth has had trauma, been cracked, or is in need of a root canal. Typically, this procedure takes two office visits. A temporary crown will be made during the first appointment and the permanent crown will be placed at the second appointment. Usually two weeks apart.