Which Teeth Whitening Services Should You Try?

teeth whitening servicesOur teeth are one of the first features we notice about each other.

Off-color teeth create issues:

  •         It can be difficult to land jobs due to the need for face-to-face communication
  •         You may become self-conscious and become less social
  •         Meeting new people (and potential dates) starts with an off-putting presentation

As you age your teeth begin to become yellowish and brownish because of years of staining.

They may also become discolored through:

  •         Medications
  •         Fluorosis
  •         Wear & tear
  •         Drinks (wine and cola)
  •        Sweets

Teeth whitening services are often the number one requested service for aesthetics. This non-invasive, simple procedure is used to correct the color of teeth. There are also home-remedies for teeth whitening which are as simple and easy.

Tooth whitening services and products use hydrogen peroxide to clean stains. Toothpastes, strips, and teeth whitening services use a variation of peroxide concentration to penetrate the enamel to remove the tough discoloration.

You may be asking: Which are the best teeth whitening services, products, and remedies?

Teeth Whitening Services, Products, and Remedies: An Overview

There are many different methods to whitening teeth from dental procedures to home remedies. Let’s look at the various ways and their pros and cons.

Home Remedies

Those on a budget may want to consider using home remedies for their teeth whitening. These items are likely to already be in your home but if not then it’s a simple trip on down to the grocery store for many claimed items to help with the vibrancy.

The two most important are:

  •         Hydrogen Peroxide
  •         Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide is already the main ingredient for teeth whitening services and products.

Regular application by swishing hydrogen peroxide can increase the vibrancy of your teeth.

  •         A teaspoon of baking soda and a touch of toothpaste when brushing can help with whitening.
  •         Coconut oil has been claimed to help with whitening through rinsing or holding the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes.
  •         Activated charcoal can be bought in powdered form, mixed into a paste, and then applied to the teeth through normal brushing.

Other natural teeth whitening remedies include using acidic items such as orange peel, lemon, and ginger which have properties that will help in whitening though be warned that they can cause enamel corrosion if used too frequently.


  •         Inexpensive
  •         Natural


  •         Very lengthy process
  •         Messy

Over-the-Counter Products

Better teeth whitening results come from a small investment.

Regular brushing and using mouthwash will help some with the vibrancy of your teeth but to get the color you desire then you may want to consider:

  •         Toothpastes
  •         Gel
  •         Pens
  •         Bleaching kiosks
  •         Strips

Certain brands of toothpaste contain higher levels of peroxides and agents that help with teeth whitening. These can be found in any general store for a few dollars.

Yet, if you want better results — using whitening strips may be appropriate. These items contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide to deep clean the stains on your teeth. Strips can be applied and worn for a short amount of time throughout a routine. OTC home-use products are also approved by the ADA.

It’s recommended to avoid gels, pens, and kiosks. Gels and pens may have a high concentration of acting agents but the results are found when the item is applied for 20+ minutes. Many individuals are impatient and won’t follow through.

Kiosks are a new concept which apply whitening agents for bleaching. These kiosks are largely unregulated, though. The whitening process at these kiosks doesn’t guarantee results and places you at risk of bleeding gums and sensitivity without the follow up of licensed dentist.


  •         Fits your schedule


  •         Hit-and-miss
  •         Unregulated (kiosks)

Yet, be careful. It is possible to over-whiten your teeth if not done by a professional.

Over whitening can lead to enamel loss which makes them susceptible to damage. It’s also likely that over whitening can even make the teeth look blue or gray; it’s not harmful but defeats the purpose of the procedures and products. Whitening can also create a potential for tooth sensitivity.

Professional Services

Professional teeth whitening services are the go-to, guaranteed method to increase the glimmer of your dental appearance.

Laser & gel teeth whitening and home bleaching kits provided by a licensed professional will deliver the best results because they can use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and whitening agents to complete the process.

This increase in the strength of peroxide results in a quicker set of results for teeth whitening. A short 30 minute to 1 hour visit to a professional will give you twice the results compared to home remedies and over-the-counter methods.

Gel Treatments

In-office, gel treatment is the application of a strong concentration of peroxide to the teeth. The gel breaks apart the bonds of the stained areas after an hour or less. The treatment uses a combination of bleaching and cleaning to remove any discoloration.

Gels also are able to get in deep areas not possible with whitening strips which results in a better, uniformed whitening of your teeth especially in areas which had root work done.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatment uses a high-powered light along with the gel which increases the oxygen and peroxide to penetrate your teeth.

The initial screening will do a generalized checkup. Dentists will examine the gums to see if any receded areas need a variation of bleaching to create an even look. Following comes a teeth cleaning session to ensure all cavities are treated and filled else the whitening agent may penetrate the cavity and reach the interior of the tooth.

During the whitening, the dentist will apply a barrier for your gums to prevent any whitening solution from affecting the area. The dentist will then apply a gel-based solution to your teeth and use a laser to activate the treatment. After a few minutes the solution will be removed and the process may be repeated two to three more times to ensure your teeth are sparkling white.

The combination of the gel and laser tools results in the best possible outcome for your teeth whitening desires — it’s also very quick and rarely results in irritation.

Whitening Trays

Alternative methods that may be provided by your dental professional include teeth whitening trays.

Trays are at-home bleaching kits which can be custom or one size fits all. It provides the highly-concentrated gel/paste within a tray to use during the day or left in overnight.

Trays provide the same vibrancy as in-office treatments though may require more commitment and timing. It’s recommended to use these trays for an extended duration. A professional will be able to provide all necessary items through a one-size-fits-all or custom tray which will provide better comfort.


  •         Quick & professional
  •         High vibrancy


  •         Requires some investment
  •         Can cause sensitivity in some people

One Thing to Remember

Whitening products do no work on caps, crowns, or fillings. It’s likely you’ve had dental work which may have these present in your dental health. No worries.

Professional teeth whitening services take account for these dental changes. Dentists and professionals will be able to provide the accurate care to help match the color of these items to the new brilliance of your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening services and products will give you the smile you deserve.

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