Cosmetic repairs at Doug Lewis Dentistry

So often I have patients come into my office who are not quite satisfied with their smile.  Cosmetic dentistry has a very large spectrum.  When making changes to a patient’s smile, the tooth may need a minor repair such a smoothing a surface of the tooth to better match the teeth beside it.  There may be times that porcelain bonding may be added to the tooth’s surface to close gaps or fix a fracture in the tooth.  Sometimes, the tooth has been too damaged and may require a porcelain veneer or a crown.

One of the things that separates our office from many others is our ability to do a crown, from start to finish, in only one office visit.  Our patients love the convenience of only coming to the office once rather than 2 or 3 times to complete a crown procedure.  Look at some of the recent things we were able to do in our office.  Our patients leave smiling and with a lot more confidence.