Come Get Your Spring Teeth Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal.   You should take this time to refresh your smile and schedule your teeth cleaning appointment at Doug Lewis Dentistry. Having your teeth cleaned twice a year is the best way to help prevent decay and promote good oral hygiene.  We have so many things to offer at our Birmingham, Southside, location.  If you are not satisfied with your smile, please schedule a visit and let Dr. Lewis advise you on what can be done to make you feel more comfortable and confident.  We provide a very comfortable environment and offer refreshments, current magazines and television in our waiting room.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable in the dentist chair.  Just the thought of dental treatment can cause anxiety for many people.   Dr. Lewis will evaluate each patient and can offer conscious sedation and other relaxation techniques prior to and during your appointment.

Good oral hygiene is essential for good health.  There are some easy ways to keep your teeth and gums clean as well as maintaining  fresh breath!  Of course, the best way is to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals and prior to bedtime.  Drinking a lot of water will help to eliminate dry mouth and stimulate the flow of saliva which is a natural mouth cleanser.  The use of sugar free mints will also stimulate the salivary glands and is an alternative to sugar free gum, which can cause pain in the jaw joints. Eating natural foods and vegetables will reduce the presence of bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell in the mouth.  Foods such as carrots, cucumbers and yogurt may help combat the odor.  Lastly, a great way to eliminate foul breath immediately, eat parsley!  Keeping that herb handy is a good idea.

Please do not neglect your dental needs. Schedule your cleaning if it has been longer than six months since your last dental cleaning.  We remain passionate about dentistry and our patient care and hospitality is truly something to experience in person.  Remember to follow us on Face Book and stay tuned for the next blog.  KEEP SMILING!