Cerec Crowns: How to Get a Dental Crown in One Visit

Are you in need of dental crowns? They can be a great help to protect weak teeth, especially if you’re getting older or undergoing the process to get bridges and dental implants.

However, they are tedious to maintain, require multiple visits, and can be costly to boot.

But did you know you can get Cerec crowns instead? They are a new form of dental crowns that requires only one visit to the dentist. When it comes to dental crowns, advancements in technology allow you to get a dental crown in an hour.

What is the process behind it? Let’s find out.

The Cerec Crowns Process

There are several steps taken to ensure that the process is accurate and precise. No one wants to end up with a loose crown or a chipped crown, so it’s important for these steps to happen first.

1. Exam and Preparation

In the traditional dental crown process, the dentist prepares your natural teeth with the use of impressions. But with the Cerec technology, it uses digital means of getting the tooth impressions. This allows the entire process to become quicker and easier compared to its traditional counterpart.

At its most basic form, this step lets the dentist examine your teeth to know the right treatment. Sometimes, all you need is to get a simple filling and other times you might have to get a full crown. This depends on the amount of the remaining healthy tooth structure as well as your dentist’s opinion.

After this, your dentist prepares your tooth for the restoration process by administering anesthetics. They also remove the unneeded tooth tissue, especially those that rotted or weakened due to neglect or some other reason. This preparation stage is common to most other restorative processes.

2. Optical Impression

Once all the preparation reaches its conclusion, your dentist makes an Optical impression of the tooth they prepared. Your dentist then coats your teeth with a non-toxic powder that doesn’t taste anything. This is contrary to the traditional process that involves impression “goop” on a tray that you need to bite into and hold using your mouth until it becomes solid and hard.

Your dentist then uses a camera to take your tooth’s picture. It might sound like a complicated procedure, but it takes about a minute or two to accomplish. In terms of same day crowns vs traditional crowns, the former wins by a mile.

3. Crown Creation

Accomplishing the first two tasks allows your dentist to help with your tooth restoration with the use of the Cerec machine. The 3D software takes the picture taken prior to this step and makes it into a three-dimensional virtual model on their computer screen.

With the use of the Cerec 3D computer program, your dentist designs the Inserting block into the milling chamber restoration. It takes expertise for them to ensure that this process is smooth. In a span of a few minutes, the restoration data gets transmitted to a separate milling machine located in the office after a button click.

The all-ceramic, natural tooth-colored crown finishes within 10-20 minutes and it’s ready to bond in place. The dentist lets you try it out in your mouth to ensure that it has a proper bite and fit. The crown gets bonded to the prepared tooth after polishing it.

It’s a permanent tooth-restoration process with no return trips. It’s a process that produces the dental crown in an hour. This frees you from any additional appointments as it’s done on the same day as your first.

Benefits of Using the Cerec Technology

When it comes to the primary benefit of this type of crown, it’s the precious time you save. Remember, the process only takes one sitting thanks to its technological capabilities. There will be no more need for more appointments to replace temporary crowns and all other fuss involved in traditional methods.

With this, you save more money since you don’t have to go through several appointments. It also prevents you from buying temporary crowns. If you have a busy schedule for work, the convenience this procedure gives allows you to earn more money and spend fewer days skipping out on work.

Like traditional dental crowns, Cerec Crowns can last for years. Some last for fifteen years but with newer technology this could easily double.

Lastly, the process gives you comfort. After all, you don’t have to deal with putty-like impression pastes. This ensures that you remain in a better mood throughout the process.

Cerec Treatment Price Range

The good thing about same day crowns is that they cost almost the same as their traditional counterparts. It’s despite the fact that this technology uses expensive equipment to accomplish the process. Remember, you don’t need to worry about the dental lab cost and additional appointments, and that reduces the price and makes it similar to the multi-appointment traditional method.

In the United States, the average price for this process is around $800+ per Cerec Crown. The price can vary a lot, depending on where you’re located. The experience and expertise of the dentist performing the procedure also play a lot on determining the final price.

There are a lot of dentists out there that offer discounted plans. To get the most out of the money you spend, make sure to seek them out.

Get Cerec Treatment Today!

The medical advancements involving the technology produced Cerec crowns. It’s one of the most convenient and effective tooth-restoration procedures at the moment. When you opt for this treatment, you only need to spend an hour or two at the dentist to finish the entire process.

Cerec treatments allow you to save both time and money since there are no temporary crowns involved. You don’t need to get additional appointments to finish the process. This allows you to devote more time working or doing the things you like.

Do you need tooth treatments for better dental health? Contact us today with your concerns and we’ll help you get an appointment and treatment as soon as possible.